New York Implements New Home Health Aide Law

On December 2, 2016 Governor Cuomo signed a bill which will increase the level of care that the nearly 300,000 home health aides across the state will be able to provide. If a home health aide completes additional training, they will be able to administer medications and monitor equipment for people in need of professional care at home. With the need of home health aides continuing to grow, the possibility of further advancement may encourage more people to enter the profession.

Before the bill, home health aides were only able to remind patients to take their medications. Legally, only a nurse or family member could administer medications. Now, home health aides who have worked in the field for at least one year will have the ability to apply for additional training to administer pre-packaged and pre-poured medications while under the supervision of a registered nurse. These medications include insulin injections, and other commonly administered drugs for individuals receiving home health care.

Many people currently receiving health care in their home require medications multiple times a day. Nurses rarely make the trip to an individual’s home several times a day, thus requiring family members to come home in the middle of the day in order to do so. The new law will allow home health aides, who are already in the home, to administer needed medicines.

Currently, there is no specified training requirements set by the State. Advocates for the bill are proposing a 40-hour training regimen before home health aides will be certified. It is suggested that it may take up to 18 months before there are certified aides within the field. Never the less, it is anticipated that the new bill will save hundreds of millions in New York State Medicaid dollars a year.

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