Finding A Care Facility That Is Right For Your Loved One

Finding a long term care facilityDeciding on the right type of long-term care for a family member or loved one may be overwhelming. There is a lot to consider throughout the process and in deciding which is the best level of care necessary for that particular individual. The following are different types of care available that may suit an individual’s needs:

In-Home Assistance or Care

In-home assistance or care pairs individuals with a home health aid or caregiver that will come to the home and assist with the daily tasks that the individual requires. This may vary from basic grocery shopping and light cleaning to bathing and dressing. Most of these home health aids or caregivers do not provide medical care but may have a medical background. In addition, he or she will visit the home as often as required by the resident.

Assisted and Independent Living Community

These types of communities resemble ordinary apartment style living. It is designed for senior citizens who require a minimal amount of supervision or care. Ordinarily, these communities offer onsite services such as meals, fitness, laundry, and other wellness programs. In addition, the complex offers transportation and even social opportunities such as book clubs or other social gatherings. Certain independent and assisted living communities offer limited medical assistance, but these facilities do not offer skilled nursing services.

Nursing Homes or Skilled Nursing Facilities

These facilities serve those who require full-time care due to a medical condition or diminished mental capacity. These facilities provide skilled care and offer residents private or semi-private rooms. In addition, these facilities provide residents with meals, hair and nail services, communal dining, and social gatherings.

Continuing Care

Continuing care is housing in the form of apartment style living or dormitory living that change with a resident’s needs. It can provide skilled nursing or even independent living. This allows individuals to remain in the same community while their needs may change. It eliminates the stress of having to relocate and start over as a person begins to age. Additionally, it provides opportunity for both spouses with different needs to reside in the same establishment.

In determining what type of facility is right for your family member or loved one, it is important to visit location in order to have a better understanding of what it has to offer. If you are in the process of considering options for long-term care services, contact the geriatric care consultants at P&P Medicaid who are experienced in long term care placement and know all the options available. P&P Medicaid assists families with these decisions in Nassau County, Suffolk County and Queens. Additionally, P&P Medicaid specializes in Medicaid eligibility services for skilled nursing care facilities. For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, call (516) 541-4770.

2 thoughts on “Finding A Care Facility That Is Right For Your Loved One”

  1. My father has recently turned 84 and with this me, and all of my siblings, think it might be in his best interest that we put him in an assisted living center. I liked that you had mentioned the importance of making sure that the home offers the services they might need such as meals, fitness, or laundry. I hadn’t thought of looking for this to make sure that he can get those basic needs as well as looking into other benefits, these are things I’ll be making sure I can find when looking.

  2. I’ve been thinking about finding some in home health care for my parents, and I think that being able to have someone who is required is important. I’m glad that you mentioned that they may include tasks like grocery shopping and bathing them, which is a pretty wide variety. I’m going to have to look into some different home health care options and hopefully find someone who can help with all of their needs!

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