Long Island Social Security Disability Applications

P & P Medicaid is dedicated to providing customized consulting for Suffolk County, Nassau County and Queens individuals or couples who, due to an injury or illness, are unable to work and may be eligible for social security disability benefits.  Our company can assist you in understanding Social Security disability and its eligibility standards, and then assist you in applying for benefits.

P & P Medicaid Consulting will guide you through the Social Security application process from start to finish. By helping you understand the options that are available, what the application process entails, and answering any questions you may have, P & P is there every step of the way.

Once you are comfortable making a claim decision, a P & P Medicaid representative will come to your location to meet with you in person and begin the application process. Our consultant will also meet with Social Security on your behalf, so you will not have to leave your home and endure long waiting periods at the Social Security office.

Been denied? P & P will do everything possible to correct any deficiencies in your evidence in order to win your Social Security disability claim.

Additionally, our company can assist you through the application process of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicare “Part-D,” and may be able to have Medicaid pay for your “Part-B” Medicare coverage.

For more information regarding all our services please, contact us at 516-541-4770 or by email.