Veteran Benefits

Veteran Benefits for CaregiversThrough the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans are entitled to a wide range of benefits even if they are not yet retired from the military or have suffered injuries in the line of duty. The improved pension benefit, otherwise known as the Aid and Attendance Pension, through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) is one of those benefits that is often not taken advantage of. Continue reading “Veteran Benefits”

Caregivers of Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease Benefit from Case Managers

case manager support for caregiversToday, millions of Americans and their loved ones are impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. As more people reach retirement age, the death rate of Alzheimer’s has increased significantly and more individuals affected by the disease are passing away in their homes. At home, seniors with Alzheimer’s disease are dependent on caregivers, who are often family members and loved ones. Continue reading “Caregivers of Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease Benefit from Case Managers”

Compensation Available for Family Members Acting as Caregivers

In the United States, the elderly population who require the assistance of a caregiver will grow substantially by 2018. In the future, the number of elderly persons may even begin to exceed the number of available caregivers. There have been efforts made throughout the United States to retain a dwindling number of caregivers who have been leaving the field. For many individuals who cannot afford a caregiver, the responsibility may fall on a family member or friend that is close to the elder. This responsibility can have physical, emotional and financial effects on the individual caring for their loved one. Continue reading “Compensation Available for Family Members Acting as Caregivers”